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09 July 2010 @ 07:42 pm
Vampires Don't Sleep Alone Decant Circle  
Update 9/2: All packages save one have been shipped off! Yay! Hope they arrive swiftly! Sorry for the delay all!

Update 8/23:
Hey all. I have a bit of bad news.... I was expecting to fly back home tomorrow after visiting family, but it seems that I had mistakenly booked my flight for today and, of course, missed it. So, my flight home is now for August 30th. I am really sorry for the delay guys. It was definitely not planned and fate just seems to be against me at the moment. Contact me if you have any questions. I will try and make your packages extra special for having to put up with the wait.

Update 7/30: Hey, all! I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be gone for two weeks at the beginning of August (4th-18th) to attend a wedding and visit my parents. The package will probably arrive right when I get back from the trip, so there shouldn't be any delay in decanting. Just wanted to give you a heads up! I will have internet access from time to time and will still post when I get a CnS. Thanks!!

Update 7/25
: The order has been placed!

As usual, you can find your order here on GoogleDocs. Please check here and make sure I have your order down correctly! Additionally, I can tack on any bottles to the order you would like. Just let me know!

Pricing: Full decants for the perfume oils are $4.00 and halves are $2.25.

Shipping: As always, shipping is $3 in the US and Canada and $4 everywhere else.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Additionally, I receive comment notifications quite sporadically, so if you need to contact me quickly for any reason, please email me: a.mywillow3 at gmail dot com


++Vampires Don't Sleep Alone

Dry, dusty rose petals, candle smoke, frankincense, and saffron.

Ruthless, unfeeling, and inhumanly violent: tobacco, sharp woods, frankincense, and bunn.

Deadly and seductive: vanilla-infused sandalwood, blood musk, antique patchouli, vetiver, lavender, bitter almond, amber, and a trickle of Snake Oil.

Grave beauty: Spanish moss, lilac, wisteria, myrrh, and olibanum. (2 spots open!)

A cologne that (almost) blends well into human society: benzoin, orange blossom, cumin, King mandarin, gaiac wood, juniper berry, Calabrian bergamot, Ceylon cinnamon, and blood camouflaged by wine.

Eons of grief and unending hunger: magnolia, black currant, castoreum accord, lavender, labdanum, amber, rose otto, and opoponax.

Ancient books, crackled parchment, faded incense, and candle wax.


A grounded, earthy scent, evocative of the soul’s finer qualities: patchouli, clove, neroli, night-blooming jasmine, sage, and iris. (2 spots open!)

Diabolically otherworldly: golden osmanthus, lily of the valley, celestial musk, and frankincense.

Because isn’t that what this book is really about? Vampire smut: patchouli-infused honey, red musk, red sandalwood, red ginger, pink pepper, Peru balsam, dark Eastern florals, Himalayan cedar, smoky vanilla, bitter clove, and leather.
partyllama_lalapartyllama_lala on July 18th, 2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to let you know that your payment arrived safely! Thanks!