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03 April 2013 @ 07:58 pm

Update 4/28: Everything went as planned! Yay! I plan on having all the packages out in the mail by this Tuesday. Thanks all!

UPDATE 4/24: The event is only a few days away now, so please be sure to review the order I have you down for on the google docs page linked below! If your name is in green, then I have received your payment. If your name is not in green, please contact me with your paypal address so that I can match up name with payment. ;) It is possible that the lab could run out of certain scents, so the decant circle will be my first priority. If there is any reason I can't get bottles for you, you will get a full refund. Thanks!

I still have some decanting supplies left, so I think my last decant circle will be for the C2E2 scents! I'll be attending and will be able to pick them up myself. I also don't mind a few add ons especially if you are looking for something in the current catalog. I would like to limit full C2E2 exclusive bottle pick ups to one bottle per decant circle participant. I don't want to clean out the stock and prohibit others from sharing in the fun!

Shipping: $3 to the US and $5 elsewhere. I can't believe how much shipping has gone up recently!

The logistics: Full decants will be $5.25 and half decants will be $2.75.

The order list is here. Please make sure I have your order down correctly!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!

The scents:

++ C2E2 2013
Inspired by the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893!

A marble-white blend of sandalwood, pearlescent orris, white amber, blonde tobacco, and chilled crystalline musk.

The White City by Night: white musk, a drop of violet leaf, and sheer, luminescent vanilla that has been gently illuminated by a spark of electricity.

Honeyed myrrh and sweet flag.

The scent of progress: dynamos and motors, electrical sparks and ozone.

Thick Turkish coffee, cardamom pods, Damascene roses, and buhur.

ETA: I can still accept bottle add ons for all other scents besides The Great Basin! Everyone who has signed up to this point is fine, but I really don't want to clear out the lab's stock in one scent at the event. Thanks!